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What the world needs now is love (vocal)

One of Bacharachs most played songs.

Bristol Boogie (Dick Morrissey & Jim Mullen)

Dick Morrissey was a British tenor saxophone player who formed a jazz-fusionband in the mid seventies together with guitarist Jim Mullen.

The Morrissey-Mullen Band produced 7 albums of which Cape Wrath contained this funky and energetic samba-boogie: Bristol Boogie


Burt Bacharach

At the age of 94 Burt Bacharach passed away recently. Honour him by playing his music:

Bond Street (instrumental)

I just have to breath (vocal)

What the world needs now (vocal)


The latest added charts are:

What the world needs now is love (vocal)

Bristol Boogie (instrumental)

Black Pearl (vocal) (known from the Dutch singer Margriet Eshuijs who recently passed away).

Forget Regret (vocal)


Upcoming titles:

All titles below are available now but not yet included as a page on my site: contact me at

Let the music play (vocal)

Well you needn't (instrumental)

Spinning Wheel (vocal)

The Rock Steady Crew (rap)