What the world needs now is love

What the world needs now is love

(Burt Bacharach/Hal David)

Unfortunately Bacharach passed away recently.

One of his most successful songs is this 'What the world needs now is love'. He wrote it in 1965 and the lyrics by Hal David are very suitable again these days. It was popularised by Jackie DeShannon,  Dionne Warwick even recorded it twice.

The arrangement starts with an eight bars search for the right key after which the singer starts. After an instrumental tutti in the middle there's a key - change a semitone up. The arrangement has a small Bacharach-surprise for the listener at the end.  

No big band recording of it yet but below is a version of the arrangement played with computersamples with for the occasion an alto flute playing the melody.

Level: intermediate. Price: € 42,=