No jazz without the blues. I wrote this jazz-blues in1984 and I combined two different blues schemes, a common scheme and a ‘Parker-blues’. There is lots of space for improvisation, starting with guitar or piano, then for tenor saxophone and for trumpet. In the middle is the Parker blues where both the saxophone - and brass section play a ‘special’ in a close-voicing.  Then the tutti starts with drum fills towards the end.

The guitar solo on the demo is played by Reinier Bruijns, tenor saxophone by Marten Saan.

Level: intermediate/advanced.

Below is a recording with computer sampled sounds.

The real instruments are being played by Reinier Bruijns (guitar), and Marten Saan (tenor saxophone).

The Atlantico Big Band in Bogotá - Colombia directed by Guillermo Garbó play it like in the YouTube example.


(Rob Catlender)