Strasbourg - St. Denis

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Strasbourg - St. Denis (Roy Hargrove)

Over his 30 year career, trumpeter Roy Hargrove blended jazz, hip hop and funk to his own style.

He died young at the age of 49. His most famous tune is Strasbourg - St. Denis, a tribute to a subway station in Paris.

I love the vocal group Syncop8tion who inspired me to write an arrangement for big band and vocals (solo, not for vocal group).  

The instrumental horn part in the middle follows the lines of Roy Hargrove's solo.  

No real big band recording yet but below is an mp3 of the score with sampled sounds. The arrangement is in A-flat.

Or listen to the great Syncop8tion's a-capella version to get an idea of the key (A-flat) and lyrics of the song.

Level: intermediate Price: € 42,=