Forget Regret

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(photo by Hank O'Neal)     

Forget Regret (Jacques Schwarz-Bart)

The RH Factor was a group lead by Roy Hargrove that blended jazz with soul and funk. Their debut album 'Hard Groove' was released in 2003.

One of the tracks is this pretty lovesong Forget Regret sung by Stephanie McKay.  It is composed by Jacques Schwarz-Bart.

In the intro the arrangement uses 4 low register fluegelhorns in close voicing. It evolves slowly and in the middle there is plenty of room for improvisations leading to a tight tutti. Towards the end there is room for drums improvisation.  

To give an impression here is a shortened mp3 of the big band score played with sampled sounds.

To get an idea of the song here's a live-performance of The RH Factor with vocalist Stephanie McKay.

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