Começar de novo

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Começar de novo (Ivan Lins/Vitor Martins)

One of my heroes of Brazilian music is Ivan Lins. He has made dozens of beautiful songs with all very high quality and originality. His most successful song is a song used in a Brazilian television ‘soap’ called “Malu, mulher”, Malu, a woman. It was sung by Simone and I fell in love with it eversince. That was in 1979.

It is a seemingly endless line of unsolved chords that trigger new unsolved chords with no specific tone centre. That is why the song has no specific 'key signature'.

I wrote this arrangement as one crescendo from the beginning to the end. There is an instrumental part in the middle that follows the melody.  

It comes with the beautiful Portuguese text from Vitor Martins, but an English text by Alan & Marilyn Bergman is provided as well.

There are versions in two keys; the original key as sung by Ivan Lins starting with e-minor. Vocal range d' - e''. In midi: d4 - e5 (where middle c = c4).

In this computer-sample audio, sung by Merel Moelker, we hear a version that is a third lower; it starts with c-minor.  Vocal range b flat - c''. Midi: b flat3 - c5.

If you have questions about ranges of voice or instruments please mail me.

Level: intermediate. Price: € 39,=

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