Black Pearl

Black Pearl - Margriet Eshuijs, big-band-arrangement, big-band-chart,

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Black Pearl (Peter Schön, Lex Bolderdijk, Emile den Tex)

Unfortunately the Dutch singer Margriet Eshuijs passed away in 2022 at the age of 70.  

Everybody in the Netherlands knows songs like 'House for sale' and this 'Black Pearl', composed in 1981 by Peter Schön, Lex Bolderdijk, Emile den Tex.

The Margriet Eshuijs Band received an Edison for this song. This  arrangement is a tribute to her.

It has several couplets accompanied by wood and brass. The guitarsolo from the original is arranged for the horns. The middle part is open for soli. After the last couplet an instrumental tutti leads to the final refrain and end-part.  

Here is an mp3 of a part of the big band score played with sampled sounds. We start in couplet 2. Solo's are left out.

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Listen to Margriet sing her own version in this recording. The key of the big band arrangement is the same as in her original: d minor.

Level: intermediate Price: € 42,=