Don't confuse these two '9 to 5' songs. Both written in 1980, both huge hits, both lovely popsongs and available as vocal big band charts here on my site:

Nine to five ('Morningtrain')

Nine to five - 'Morning-train' (Florrie Palmer)

This song was Sheena Easton's biggest hit. It was written by Florrie Palmer. It's a lovesong about a woman waiting all day for her man to come home from his work. The original is in the key of A flat (modulating to B flat, C and D) but I transposed it to a, for most singers more convenient key, starting in F.  If you prefer the higher original key, let me know. Level: intermediate.

Nine to five ('Workin...')

Nine to five - 'Workin' nine to five' (Dolly Parton)

The other 9-5 was a major hit in the early eighties written and sung by Dolly Parton. It was originally written for the comedy film '9 to 5'.  The original is in the key of G flat but I transposed it a semitone down for reasons of readability for the band. Great song. Even Donald Trump would recommend this.

Level: intermediate.

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