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Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) Sunrise, opus 30 (Richard Strauss)   click for audio

This is a big band version of the famous beginning of Richard Strauss’ symphonic poem.  

Bananas (Rob Catlender)    click for audio  

A blues composition combining  a common scheme and a ‘Parker-blues’.

Big Baby Boom Boogie (Rob Catlender)  (alto-feature)     click for audio  

An altered boogie composition.

Blue Cat (Rob Catlender)   click for audio  

A tribute to Jerry van Rooyen.

Bond Street (Burt Bacharach)  click for audio

Bacharachs music appears in the early James Bond comedy  ‘Casino Royale’.

Burp! (Rob Catlender)   (baritone-feature)    click for audio  

A bluesy composition.

Busy Lizzy (Rob Catlender)    click for audio  

A medium swing piece, based on the 'Rhythm changes'.

Caravan (Jan Tizol/Duke Elington)   click for audio  

A latinjazz standard featuring the guitar. For all Wes Montgomery's out there.

Chévere (David Rockefeller)      click for audio  

A happy latin composition of the New Cool Collective Big Band by David Rockefeller.

Crazy little thing called love (Freddie Mercury)     click for audio  

One of the greatest hits from the rock-band Queen.

Cutty Sark  (John Barry)    click for audio            

A playful John Barry-theme in 6/8.

East of the sun (and west of the moon (Brooks Bowman)   (tenor-feature)     

  click for audio

Lovely tune in easy swing.

Morning (Clare Fischer)   (piano-feature)   click for audio  

Clare Fischer's most successful composition.

My one and only love (Wood/ Mellin)  (trombone-feature)    click for audio  

A great ballad.

Nikki’s Samba (Rob Catlender)    click for audio  

I wrote this samba for my oldest daughter.

Nostalgia in Times Square (Charles Mingus)    click for audio  

One of the great Charles Mingus' compositions.

Morning (Clare Fischer)   (piano-feature)     click for audio  

Clare Fischer's most successful composition.

(new) Pensive Miss (Neil Hefti)   (fluegelhorn-feature)   click for audio  

An amazing composition by Neil Hefti, first recorded by the Count Basie big band in 1958.

Prelude Cesar Franck (Cesar Franck)   click for audio  

A classical composition for grand organ scored for big band.

(new) Que pasa chica? (Rob Catlender)   click for audio  

A cheerful latin piece with a nostalgic edge.

Russian Doll (Rob Catlender)   click for audio  

I wrote this ballad in 2006 for my youngest daughter Chrisje.

Start the Big Band (Rob Catlender)  click for audio  

An up tempo swinger.

The Chicken (Alfred “Pee Wee” Ellis)  (bass-feature)   click for audio

This Alfred Ellis composition is made famous by Jaco Pastorius.

The fire department (Rob Catlender)   click for audio  

A composition with a story.

Waterproof (Rob Catlender)  (alto & tenor-feature)   click for audio

A funky duet with alto and tenor.  

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