Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

Bruce Springsteen wrote this song around 1977. I must admit I liked the Pointer Sisters version far more, with their famous close-harmony sound. It was a 12 weeks - number - one - hit in 1979.

You can choose between 4 versions in different keys:

* G (sounding), modulating to A-flat towards the end (Bruce Springsteen key)

* B-flat (modulating to B-natural)

* B-flat (modulating to C)  

* E-flat (modulating to F).

(the Pointer Sisters version is in D-flat)

If you prefer another key, or in doubt about the right key or vocal ranges please let me know.

There are lyrics included for male or female singers. Maybe a duet?

Level: intermediate

There is no live-sung audio example available at the moment so you’ll have to do with my church-choir samples and your imagination.

This is the B-flat modulating to B version.

Do you want to listen to an mp3 of the other keys, send me an e-mail.


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